Pablo Ferrukt

Tattoos Berlin

Custom desigs, your designs or my flashes!

Everything is possible, we can work my designs, your designs, custom ideas.

With a good communication I always reach the perfect idea.

I speak German, English and Spanish.

What i Do

A little explanation of my work

custom designs

Explain to me your idea and I will make the design according to request.

When you think I reach your perfect design, we tattoo it.

painless tattoo

For all the big tattoos I use a numbing cream so good that you even notice when the needle is inside your skin. 

You can get a sleeve totally painless.

black & colors

I like to work with black and also with colors.

Depending on the idea I also can recommend what is the best option.

fast answer

I always answer all the request very fast. 

I will not have you waiting ages for an answer.

Just write me!